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Arneg Canada is part of Arneg group

International leader in the design, manufacture and installation of complete equipment for the retail sector.


Arneg Canada is part of Arneg world

Arneg Canada Inc. comes from the strategic alliance of Équipement de supermarché D.M.L. and multinational company Arneg SPA, the third largest worldwide manufacturer of refrigerated equipment. Équipement de supermaché D.M.L. was born in 1988 in Napierville Quebec, and specialized in the reconstruction of used refrigerated cases for the supermarket industry. Founded by Mr. Réjean Lalumière, the company at the time employed a dozen employees. In 1992, Mr. Lalumière purchased a 40 000 square feet in Lacolle, on a million square feet land. That's when Mr. Lalumière launched production of new refrigerated cased under the DML-Impulsion. The company quickly became a leader in Quebec in this refrigerated case business.

Solid roots

Arneg CANADA is part of the International Arneg Group which was established in Italy in 1963. Arneg Group is a leading provider of groundbreaking and comprehensive food refrigeration solutions for the food retail industry. The internationally active, privately held company employs around 2,500 people in more than twenty countries and oversees a worldwide distribution network in more than 100 countries.

Sustainable for nature

Our project is a high sustainability, entrepreneurial project that has grown over the years thanks to intelligent technologies evolving. It pursues its economic purpose interacting with the environment, society and its customers who then benefit from its activities. Continually improving quality of life is a fundamental part of this project.

The power of a global enterprise

The global dimension is the one attribute that best describes Arneg Group. Arneg's international leadership position is built on its R&D and Operations global capabilities. A wealth of knowledge and ideas constantly circulate throughout Arneg Group's Product Development, Manufacturing, Sales & Distribution, and Service Departments around the world. Such synergies provide for unparalleled quality products and superior service. We are environmentally conscious. Our business practices respect and support the Environment.

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